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Horizons (Deluxe Edition)

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  • I already had the Horizons CD, so I wasn’t to excited to see the band was re-releasing the CD with a DVD. However, I saw a few pieces of the DVD on Youtube, and thought that what I saw was worth a shot. I’m not going to speak about the CD too much here, since it’s been out for quite sometime now and you can read plenty of reviews on it elsewhere.

    I was surprised at how good the DVD was. The DVD has an hour long documentary which shows the roots of the band – all the way back in Australia when they were just some kids playing for their friends in a basement. The DVD follows their journey from a no-name band, to working with the legendary Adam D., to touring Europe with no one in attendance, all the way to present day after their first sold-out, full length American tour. You get an inside glimpse of what is like to hang out with these guys at home and on the road. (They are funny!) By the time the documentary was done I felt like I knew the band, and wanted more. Thats when you get the blistering live concert. For another hour you get to see Parkway Drive at their finest, doing what they do best – playing a killer show. The live show sounds just as good as the CD, and these guys are powerful on stage. I’ve already gotten some replay out of the DVD and I’ve only had it a short while.

    This DVD has set a high bar for the type of footage that band’s should be putting out. Its not just some lame in studio footage with a couple of live songs. This is more like watching VH1 Behind the Music mixed with a documentary.

    This a very well done DVD and makes the purchase of Horizon’s worth it again. Sell your old one, buy this one.

    Posted on December 1, 2009