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  • As much as I love Napalm Death and the like, it’s really these guys who are the true innovators and kings of grind. They took their love for the best of punk (Discharge, DRI) and the best of extreme metal (Slayer, Celtic Frost, and Slaughter) to create a musical genre that would knock the metal underground on it’s f*cking *ss. Afterall it’s these guys who were the first to do it and the one’s who invented the BLAST BEAT! But what will really catch a metal aficionado’s fancy are the f*cking riffs. See folks the problem sometimes in grindcore (like on Scum) is that sometimes the band has the desire to be as extreme as possible that the forget the value of the riff but the boys of Repulsion never ever forgot that and that’s what I praise them the most for. They even throw in some solos which were definitely the Slayer-esque bunny-in-a-blender style and it sounds great. What makes the riffs so good are the inherent catchiness of them despite their uncompromising rawness. Some great examples of this would be Radiation Sickness, Maggots In Your Coffin, and Black Breath. I dare you to listen to “Maggots” and not do a frenzied headbang while shouting along with the catchy chorus. What’s amazing about Black Breath is that it’s one of the slowest grind songs ever but one of the best!

    Of course what’s a Horrified review without mentioning it’s massive influence. This has to be one of the most ripped-off extreme metal albums I’ve ever heard. I mean even the first time I listened to this I was like “dude there’s a Carcass riff! Wait there’s ND riff! There’s another!” and so on and so on. But one of the biggest culprits are Entombed of all people. It was because of Repulsion they were able to create the almighty Left Hand Path. Just to push this point further here’s some specific examples- listen to the riff in Festering Boils then listen to Carcass’s Reek of Putrefaction (the song), the beginning of “Bodily Dismemberment” is EXACTLY the same as the beginning of the title track on Left Hand Path, I don’t blame them though since Repulsion had a real knack for writing some of the sickest intro riffs ever. I could go on but you get my drift.

    What also stands out here are the lyrics, yes for today’s standards they’re not too intimidating but back then they were pretty insane, perfectly blending a touch of cartoony/chessiness and realism in them. The band themselves even stated that they were purely for humor only and they certainly add a fun element to the album. Oh I can’t forget the vocals, they’re very raw and raspy, quite unique for grindcore.

    In a nutshell the band was trying to be over the top in every aspect and they’re perhaps the one band to encompass everything that’s “over the top” and still make a brilliant album. And to imagine these were just four crazy kids (from Michigan of all places!) who were just willing to be a tad more adventurous than everyone else and look what happened. This is of course mandatory purchase for extreme metal fans as this is one of the best grind albums ever, it deserves all the praise it gets. It’s also perfect for people justing getting into grindcore. However, if I had just one complaint about this it would be the production which does sound sweet even if the whole thing is of “demo” quality, but judging from ND’s sick cover of “Maggots” I know this would sound even BETTER if it had better production and then I’d probably think this was the best record ever made. I’m still giving this a high 96% though.

    Everyone seems to have a different set of highlights and here’s mine – Radiation Sickness, Splattered Cadavers, Six Feet Under, Maggots In Your Coffin, and my fave Black Breath.

    Posted on December 13, 2009