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  • I bought this album purely because of its reputation and place in metal history (it was a mere £3 in a vinyl shop in Reading), but it very quickly turned into not only one of my favourite grind albums, but one of the best 80s metal records I own. Its production is rough, but not murky or ill-balanced in the slightest. The riffs are easily made out, which is great because most of them are awesome, and Dave Grave’s drumming is hard-hitting, simple and tight as hell. The songs fly by as whirlwinds of intense thrash-grind with noisy Kerry King-esque guitar solos, and the vocals are just pefect for it.

    The lyrics are graphic, the cover art is graphic, the approach is completely unsubtle and the album as a whole is a grimy, grinding display of bloody-minded ultra-thrash. It is, then, effectively a perfect early extreme metal record. One to listen to loud, while drinking heavily, thrashing around and talking about zombies. This is the kind of metal that’s meant to be spelled out in capitals with five As and exclamation marks. 20 years have not dented its aggression, they’ve only driven its influence deeper into the world of heavy metal.

    Posted on December 13, 2009