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  • Overkill have got to be the most underrated thrash band ever, and this is probably the best album I’ve heard from them.(though it’s pretty close between this and Years of Decay) They’ve got greater variety than just about any other thrash band, a way above average singer and some of the most consistent riff-writing around. Plus, they have some of the better lyrics in the genre, and lack the stupid posturing lots of metal bands tend to disply. Simply put, no thrash fan should be without this album.

    This album is noteworthy partially because it is one of the few straight-up old school thrash albums to actually have good production. The guitars are thick and clear, the drums thud nicely and it’s all balanced out very well. Fortunately, it has superior songwriting to go along with the excellent production. Each of the conventional, driving thrash songs works well, and it’s got a number of true classics. Coma is about everything you want from a thrash opener, although the intro is perhaps a bit too long. It’s got some of the best riffs on the album, and lotsa nice double bass too. Blood Money is probably the best straight ahead thrash song here. I absolutely love the chorus, and it’s got memorable vocals throughout. Definitely the most energetic song here too. Live Young, Die Free is an absolute clinic in thrash riff writing.(best riffs on the album for sure) All the riffs rule and they do a particularly good job of mutating the riffs.(Like how the main riff comes in has 2 main variants, one using triplets, the other alternate picking) It’s got another good chorus too. The title track is a masterpiece of grooving, atmospheric metal. Overkill does slow material better than any other thrash band, and this is about as good as it gets. The riffs are absolutely crushingly heavy and the drumming is agonizingly slow and powerful. It’s also got some really great vocals from Ellsworth.(As is typical of their slower songs.) The pair Nice Day For A Funeral and Soulitude close out the album as a single, 10 minute+ epic. Not as heavy as Horrorscope, but even more atmospheric, with more melody and some very nice lead work. The 2 choruses are great, once again. The chorus to Soulitude is pretty affecting, and it brings the album to a great close. The cover of Frankenstein is really cool too. It brings in a bit more melodicism and light-heartedness to the album, but it still thrashes pretty good.

    That’s it. This is pretty much mandatory for thrash fans.

    Posted on December 17, 2009