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  • I love this cd so much I had it tattooed on my left arm. Thats the logo and not the actuall cd. This is not only the best line up Overkill ever had it was also the best sounding. Production God Terry Date once again proves why he is one of if not the best in the biz. Opening up with fast head pounding Coma, non stop driving drums and mind blowing guitars each song has as much aggression as the next. Blood money, Thanx for nothin, and bare bones don’t stop. Not until we get to the self title song do we get a break from the lightning speed of this band. Again it takes off at the bands unbelievable cover of the Edgar Winter groups “Frankenstein”. Live young die free then have a nice funeral all in one day? After one hell of an headbangin cd they end it all with “Soulitude”. A chance to regain your energy to start it all over again!

    Posted on December 18, 2009