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  • Back in the day, thrash groups ruled the metal scene and they all put out a “classic” at one time; an album that most agreed was their best. These albums were required reading, and you HAD to have them in your collection if you were a metal fan. Megadeth had Rust In Peace, Anthrax had Among The Living, Slayer had Reign In Blood, Metallica had Master Of Puppets(or Ride The Lightning, depending on who you asked), and so on. Overkill had an album like that too: Horrorscope. They reached their peak, but no one seemed to notice outside the metal circle. They just didn’t “make it” for some reason even though they are considered a classic thrash group. Ironically enough, they’re the only one of the aforementioned groups that’s stayed true to their music and their fans. This album is very fast, very heavy and rivals the best of what Slayer and Megadeth did in their prime. Well, if you missed it the first time around(I’m guilty of that), it’s not too late to treat yourself. This album will take you back to when your booty was in high school drawing band logos on your notebooks; When you were dabbling in skateboarding and thought Metallica were godlike, totally oblivious to what they would become. And you yelled “SLAYER!” at every concert you went to. Yes, pick up Horrorscope. You’ll thank me later

    Posted on December 18, 2009