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Hot Space

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  • I absolutely love this album! [we'll forget about "Cool Cat" :-) ]. This was the first Queen disc I bought upon release (I mooched “The Game” from a friend).I had seen them at Cobo (Detroit) in ‘80 and absolutely became enamoured. After the release of Hot Space, I was spoiled by seeing them again in ‘82 with Billy Squire. Needless to say, I was disappointed they never returned to the States.The Works was a fine album, but it seemed to represent the end of the impromptu, fresh spirit that their previous 3 LP’s (Jazz, The Game and Hot Space) seemed to have. A Kind of Magic blew (big time), with the towering exception of One Vision, their best single in the ’80’s, and The Miracle was fun but trite overall. Innuendo was very artistic, but somehow very depressing, with the fact that Mercury was falling apart as he recorded it. Made in Heaven does even qualify, since Mercury had no hand in the final production. It reflected the indecision of May, and the lack of direction of Taylor. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them both, but w/o Mercury at the helm, it just is not Queen.In my two-decade’s worth of devout following, I feel that Hot Space was the last really fun Queen album. Enjoy!

    Posted on March 17, 2010