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  • It’s quite funny, this album took me by surprise. I got this album and “The Works” a week ago to add to my collection. I had heard a lot of negative stuff about this album, but my ears proved me wrong. I loved it! (Not my favorite Queen CD by any means, just good). “Staying Power” is totally cool and catchy, very funky, as is “Dancer,” which features some vintage Brian May guitar work. These are two of my favorites off the album. “Back Chat” is also quite good, the chord progression is kinda reminicent of “House of the Rising Sun.” “Body Language,” could be the worst song on the album, not necessarily bad, but not as good as the others. “Action This Day” is a great, upbeat song with a nice beat. “Put Out The Fire” is vintage Brian May. Another great song on the album is the amazing tribute to my musical idol, John Lennon, “Life Is Real.” It’s a very Lennon-esque tune, which makes it all the more a better tribute. “Calling All Girls” sends a nice positive message, “Las Palabras de Amor” is a great ballad. Then Freddie Mercury delivers an amazing vocal performance with the reggae “Cool Cat.” Then comes the big finish, the classic off this album, “Under Pressure” with David Bowie dueting with Freddie.So now, take my advice, go and give this album another listen. This album is not for new Queen fans, do not make this your first album. However, it is perfect for all the staunch Queen fans out there, like myself. After all, how bad can it be, it’s Queen, all the elements that make Queen Queen are all in there. So please, diehard fans, go and give this album another listen, you will not be disappointed.

    Posted on December 3, 2009