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House of Secrets

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  • Back in 2002 at the Ozzfest, after eating and getting yet another beer during the late morning, I heard some serious death metal coming from the second stage. So, my nephew and i (yeah, I’m the old man of 34 who still likes to hacky sack at a show when possible, even if i am told “not bad for an old-timer”) went to check it out, and as we got closer, it was a female singer with a bunch of evil looking dudes, belting out “My Confession”. I have been hooked ever since, purchasing both “sevas tra” and “jihad”. Otep just flat out rocks! In a time when a lot of women are all bubble gum, it is great to see an angry woman with some serious issues just totally tear it up! House Of Secrets is one fine album, a lot more artistic than Sevas Tra, which makes it seem like something is missing. Maybe it’s just the ups and downs and how it is all over the place, but i guess a dentists’ drill is not always the answer! “Warhead” is one of the best protest songs of the year, second to Ministry’s whole new album, and “Buried Alive” just gives me the chills. It was great to catch Otep at the 2004 Ozzfest, too bad they have not been promoted to the main stage, so Otep could have kicked Phil Anselmo’s (x-pantera, superjoint “i suck” ritual) a#$, but the second stage show of four tunes (blood pig, hooks and splinters, my confession, warhead) was very intense. This disc is definitely one to be purchased, but it is not the sophmore break through album. third disc should be a charm!

    Posted on February 11, 2010