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House of Secrets

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  • *UPDATE*Ok, I’ve already reviewed this, but I feel I must defend Otep and her supposed “lack of growth.” This CD DOESN’T all sound like “Blood Pigs” BECAUSE it IS growth. If people actually listened more than one damn time and read some of Otep’s comments on the album, they’d discover that she used this album to open up and NOT be angry anymore. This album is her way of sayng “I’m over it, now let’s move on.” She’s not the same person as in “Sevas Tra.” That CD was a whole lifetime’s worth of pain, this is GROWING from THAT album. Yeah, she doesn’t bellow and screech the whole time, but that’s the point, she doesn’t have to. That’s like saying you can only paint in black and blue…well what about purple or green? There are different ways of doing things and I guarantee if she had created another “Sevas Tra” people would be bitching she “didn’t grow.” You can’t make everyone happy and everyone has the right to an opinion, I just wish they were EDUCATED opinions sometimes…I have a headache now, god.

    *ORIGINAL* Truthfully, at first i thought this CD sucked. I was looking for tracks such as “Sacrilede” and “Possession.” Well that’s not what I got. I got more “Jonestown Tea” and “Emptee” based songs. On further listens, however, I realized this CD is just as good if not better than Sevas Tra. Yes there aren’t as many fast paced tracks, but the slower ones are mesmerizing. I found myself going down roads at like 30 miles an hour while listening because I would get lost in the haunting music and howling pain. The lyrics are just as amazing, no depth lost there, one just has to get used to the slower pieces. Yeah Otep always had them but they were in the minority and this CD is mostly just those. There are still hard-hitting songs (and her voice has gotten even deeper by the way), but those pale in comparison to the looming creepiness of the slower ones. My favorite line is the whispered “I speak in verses, prophecies and curses…” Best tracks are Buried Alive, Sepsis, House Of Secrets (that one will shock you…the woman SINGS, it’s awesome), and Suicide Trees. Her chanting “I wasn’t there, I’m not involved, I’m innocent, It’s NOT MY FAULT” in that song will mesmerize you. This CD is worth any amount of money, I’ll probably wear it out in a couple of months. Yeah I miss the faster songs but this one is still a keeper.

    Posted on February 11, 2010