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Houses of the Holy

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  • “The Song Remains The Same”, “The Rain Song” and “Over The Hills And Far Away” are, in my humble opinion, the best songs the Zeps ever recorded. A sensual bluesy rocker, a gentle acousting tapestrie and a folk song …funky hard rocker, these might not be the most played Zep tracks (“Stairway to Heaven” and “Kashmir” still hold that distinction), they are certainly some of the best. Almost everything about them is perfect, every guitar track, every bass line, every drum beat. It would be worth getting this CD just for these tracks.What about the rest of the album? It’s quite good. There’s some stuff here that’ll make you roll your eyes up, like the silly funk workout, “The Crunge” and the catchy but stupid “Dancing Days.” But listen to Plant get down with da riddim, mon as he play some of dat reggae in “D’yer Mak’er” (pronounced “Jamai’ker”) “No Quarter” is definitely the creepiest Led Zep song ever recorded. It’s so ominous, foreboding and mournful that it could have been recorded by Black Sabbath in one of their more experimental phases. “The Ocean” is a fun rock work out that’ll get stuck in your head. But really, they could have just recorded sounds of the bands farting and telling bad jokes and I’d still love “Houses of the Holy” because of those first three tracks I mentioned.Can you dig it?

    Posted on March 3, 2010