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How the West Was Won

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  • I had my doubts about this set. The Song Remains The Same from ‘73 is so crummy that I wondered how good could this one really be? Turns out it is pretty spectacular, the band is on fire. Two things really stand out for me: Jimmy Page was a production innovator / master / perfectionist in the studio and those obsesively perfect renditions of these songs have been burned into our minds by classic rock radio. Turns out he was a passionate / no-net / seat of his pants improviser too and this take no prisoners ethos was equally matched by the rest of the band. Also, this is such a reminder that the blooze-jam approach was the fashion of the day in ‘72 and in many ways, there is really not that much separating the 1972 Led Zeppelin in their approach from Santana and The Grateful Dead in the same period (listen to Santan’a Lotus live album from ‘73 or the Dead’s Europe ‘72 to see what I mean) even if the resulting music is miles apart.


    Posted on December 31, 2009