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How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today

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  • Having seen the band at a tension filled show 6 months earlier at an odd metal/punk dual bill in Oakland, I was not surprised to see new faces on the cover. Gone was co-founder Louichi Mayorga on bass, and they had added Mike Clark on rythym guitar. Mike Clark also wrote the music almost across the board on this album, and I don’t know if he’d been storing up these gems for a rainy….er…band, but WOW!

    Add to that the release from the tension of battling with his homey (they barely made it through their Oakland gig)with the sheer joy of finding a songwriter/solid-phat player like Clark, and Cyko Myko Muir was set free! He wrote focused thematic lyrics that finally achieved the urban balance between punk bark and in-the-pocket smooth rap (witness the outro/vamp on “Trip to …”)he had been looking for.

    Rocky George(the most underrated lead player in rock) was finally completely comfortable, and had some meaty hooks to launch from and soar. Rythym section locked tight… man I had no idea when I picked it up that day in ‘87.

    I got home, was busy with work on my own label, was about to go to bed… “Let me just check this out for a second” – my curiosity piqued. Holy Cats! Next thing you know I was WIDE awake, volume up, stomping around my room, wrecking s**t! As if I neede proof, caught them at the ensuing support show and it was MAYHEM. And that’s just about what you want… truly great moments in Rock, better yet Punk Rock!


    Posted on February 14, 2010