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How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today

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  • It’s all been said before, but I’ll add my two cents worth. This album by Suicidal Tendencies is not only their greatest, but the greatest by any band at anytime anywhere. It makes your life better simply by listening to it and thrills you every single time you play it. Trip at the Brain is an electrifying opener with an absolutely unprecedented heavy trip in the middle over Rocky George’s endlessly melodious lead guitar, it is simply stunning. Pledge Your Allegiance will have every ST fan jumping around with reckless abandon. The Miracle was the song every metal band in the world prayed to God to have delivered upon to them, ST lucked out I guess. Sorry?!, an intensely personal (so much so its lyrics aren’t in the liner notes), utterly thrilling and endlessly sad song. The album’s title track How Will I Laugh Tomorrow is simply ST’s best ever. It encapsulates the virtuosity both musically and lyrically of this band and is as essential to life as the blood in my veins and the air in my lungs. Just buy this album.

    Posted on February 15, 2010