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  • This is not only my favorite death metal album, this was my awakening!. this album changed my life forever. i’ve been a death’s fan for more than 12 years now, very much since they released spiritual healings and let me tell you by the time this got out i was incredibly impressed…..the album’s technicity is just completely something else. the musical writting and composition is so intelligent that even today ultratechnical metal bands use human as a source of inspiration and technicity. chuck’s lyric’s are probably some of the must imaginative and intellectual ever to be put down into music. his musical inventiva was layed down by a very emotional,spiritual, complex and versatil imagination…..that can only come from love and passion for music greatness. every song stands completely by it self, every shop is clockwork orange. the gathering of some of the must incredible individuals in music virtuosity ( steve digiorgio, sean reinart and paul masdival)make this album a hall of famer. i will always remember u chuck for everything you taught me, musically and spiritually. ……..your music will always be a source of inspiration, not only musically but personaly, god have you under his will be deeply miss and your albums depply overplayed by those who really appreciate true and intelligent heavy metal virtuosity. r.i.p.

    Posted on January 31, 2010