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  • Spiritual Healing was a good album.Having said that,Death’s fourth album Human is light years ahead of Spiritual Healing and Leprosy lyrically and technically.Human is what got me to love Death,and show me that there was more to metal than generic satanism.Though Death isn’t my favorite band,Human is one of my favorite metal albums owing largely to its focused drumwork,dynamic guitar and intelligent lyrical content.Songs like Lack
    Of Comprehension and the beautifully prog flavored Cosmic Sea offer up a depth of not only technicality but also emotion.Human expanded my musical and intellectual horizons and showed me that metal could indeed endeavor to be more than escapist fantasy.For fans of this subculture,prog rock or hardcore devotees,there’s always something ripe for the picking in this masterpiece.Thank you Chuck for the inspiration and emotion.I’ll never forget what you gave to me.

    Posted on January 31, 2010