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Hybrid Theory

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  • I was expecting an extremely angry experience with this album. And in many ways I got it, but the rap aspect of it really surprised me. With the trite-ness of Limp Bizkit, Korn, and a handful of other Metal-Rap bands, I wasn’t expecting much. (01) Papercut – With coool guitars to start this track out joined by the rapper (not clear on the names) who has a very decent flow to his music, this is a GOOD song. The rhymes are pretty good throughout as well. {5}(02) One Step Closer – You all know this song don’t you? I LOVE this song. It has a good guitar riff with a pretty decent set of lyrics. The first half of the song is somewhat stereotypical “Generation X Noise” but at the halfway point when he starts screaming “SHUTUP!” it’s very intense and easy to spaz out to. {4}(03) With You – The rapper starts out this song kinda slow, then it picks up with another good riff on the guitars, and the other singer still has a good scream throughout this song. I love the dub on their voices, too. {4}(04) Points Of Authority – The rapper starts out this song kinda dumb-ly with an awkward rhyme, but the loud singer has a good melodic part while screaming throughout as well. {3}(05) Crawling – The song starts with a loud explosion of guitars with the other singer yelling, and then it slows down so he can sing some soft, melodic verses, before the rapper jumps in with a quick line or two (he seems to have a back seat on this song), before the guitars explode again. The other singer screams, and then it slows down again for some truly beautiful singing. Impressive. {5}(06) Runaway – Another good melodic part by singer #2 and the rapper has a back seat on this song as well. The melody is carried through until the 2 minute mark, where he just starts yelling, with an explosively angry part. {5}(07) By Myself – The rapper takes the forefront on this track with some mediocre rapping, although it progressively gets better over the course of the track. The second singer really knows what he’s doing here. He holds the melody together through the mid-Loud parts and joins the noise of the guitars through the LOUD parts with a tortured scream. {4}(08) In The End – The second singer has a really great voice, he starts this track out with a quiet, melody, and gradually progresses a little bit louder (he never really screams in this song, and he still sounds awesome!), and he still has a great melody. The rapper has a really good flow in this song. The dub on the rappers voice is awesome too. One of my favorite tracks on the album. {5}(09) A Place For My Head – This song starts out with the rapper doing a great job! The chorus is kinda awkward. The rapper has SKILLZ! He compares with Eminem’s speed in this song. And then it gets loud with the second singer going crazy. Good song. {4}(10) Forgotten – Uh oh. Limp Bizkit flashback. Fortunately, the song gets somewhat better. The rapper does an overall good job in this song, despite sounding like Fred (retch!). It’s an ok song. {3}(11) Cure For The Itch – Hm. This song starts wierd, with a wierd sample, and some other wierd samples. The instrumental part is very, very cool though. (It reminds me a lil bit of Aphex Twin.) {4}(12) Pushing Me Away – The second singer has a good melodic part of this song. He really has a great voice. The lyrics are surprisingly well written as well. The rapper has a back seat on this one again, but when he is there, he does a pretty good job. {5}This is a great CD. If you like loud stuff, or if you like melodic stuff and can tolerate loud stuff, you should definitely get this CD. NOW.

    Posted on November 29, 2009