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Hybrid Theory

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  • I heard “One Step Closer” on the radio after i bought this CD. I actually had never played it, but now I play it so much that the bottom is scratched all over! It still plays. Well anyway, the album is very very good for nu-metal fans. The songs are rated below: #1: Papercut: Intense start, emotional finish, rapped throughout. A great song, powerful intro. (9/10) #2: One Step Closer: The hardest song on the CD. Free of rapping. Very intense; the second best on the CD. (10/10) #3: With You: Very rythmatic, with a lot of beats and scratching in the background. Nice song. (8/10) #4: Points of Authority: No raps except the beginning and the 2:15 mark. Great work. (9/10) #5: Crawling: Awesome work, I think its about some mental patient. 3rd best. (10/10) #6: Runaway: Not very good for their standard, but still a good song; all about betrayal. Nice. (7/10) #7: By Myself: A sleepy rap, nice job, with what seems like a crash in the background (9/10) #8: In the End: DEFINITELY THE BEST!!! One of the best nu-metal songs ever. Rapped and rocked in various spots. (10/10) #9: A Place For My Head: Mostly rapped, very rapid fire style, about being used by people. (8/10) #10: Forgotten: A hard rap about tough times. (9/10) #11: Cure for the Itch: Record sampling all about rythyms and beats. No singing, just the DJ at work. (8/10) #12: Pushing Me Away: Lighter rock, only a little rapping.This is the 4th best. (10/10) This was an awesome CD that you just don’t want to stop playing. If you even remotely like to listen to rock or nu-metal, this is the Cd that will get you listening all the time. It is a great album and worth every last penny you pay for it!

    Posted on November 29, 2009