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Hybrid Theory

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  • This is by far the best CD I’ve ever owned in my life, and probably will ever own until their second album comes out and its better. Linkin Park is not a certain genre – it is not rap, rock, hip hop, or metal. It is truly its own genre. I’ve decided this because I’ve never heard anything like them before.I don’t see how some people consider them so terrible, or “one step closer” to becoming a boy band. Honestly, do you really imagine Justin Timberlake screaming “Shut up when I’m talking to you” at the top of his lungs? I don’t think so… Before hearing this album, I was a total pop-crazed idiot. I owned almost all the Now CD’s, 2 Britney Spears CD’s, 2 ‘NSync CD’s, and pretty much all the other pop artists that I curse now. Linkin Park completely changed my music taste – their lyrics and melodies are beautiful, the screaming doesn’t go over the top, and amazingly – THERE ARE NO SWEAR WORDS. That is rare in this music world these days, since it seems like it’s painful for Limp Bizkit and DMX, among others, to not throw in an “F” word every two minutes. 1. Papercut 8/10 – This one really get your attention, a great opener. The lyrics are powerful and smart (my favourite line being “The sun goes down, I feel the light betray me” – I dare Fred Durst to sing something like that), and even the video is awesome. Mike’s rapping is excellent here.2. One Step Closer 8.5/10 – Shocking. If I could use one word to describe this song, that would be it, but not at all in a bad way. Over time it has become my second favourite track – at times I can really relate to the lyrics. I even enjoy Chester’s screaming at the end – haha, call me crazy.3. With You 6/10 – Honestly, not my favourite, though I still love it. The lyrics are wonderful and the chorus great, but I just can’t to seem to keep my attention on it. It’s still great, though.4. Points of Authority 10+/10 – By far my favourite track on the CD. It confuses me that it isn’t being played on the radio as much as “In the End” is, the lyrics are fabulous and the opening verse is completely original. Not to mention it’s also fun to sing along to… *grin*.5. Crawling 8.5/10 – This one grows on you. Some people may think “Oh, it’s genius” and I’m slowly realizing that it is, though not as genius as other songs. The lyrics are powerful, Chester’s voice is at his best, even the shock of jumping from soft singing to intense screaming adds flavour. The video is beautiful as well, the story is somewhat moving. This song deserves praise.6. Runaway 5.5/10 – I catagorize this one with “With You.” Great song, but not as grabbing. It’s actually a good song to hear if you’re new to the band, next to “In the End,” since it isn’t as shocking and the lyrics are great. 7. By Myself 8/10 – One of my favourites. It is similar to “Crawling,” with Chester singing softly during the verses, and then it jumps to the shock of his screaming during the chorus. I love the lyrics, and everything else.8. In the End 8/10 – I know, I know. Am I expected to write endless praise for this song? I admit, it’s great, but a little on the overrated side. Great lyrics, great singing from Chester, great rapping from Mike – simply great. It stands out. The piano is beautiful, as is the video. But for some reason it doesn’t rank highest on my favourite list… I’m not sure why yet.9. A Place For My Head 8/10 – Another one of my favourites. I love the lyrics and the singing, its fantastic… and again, I love when Chester does his screaming at the end: “You try to take the best of me, go away!”10. Forgotten 7/10 – Great, but not as great as others. I love it, but I wouldn’t call it a favourite. I love how it jumps right into the singing instead of having a instrumental intro, I thought that was cool.11. Cure For the Itch 7/10 – Great addition to the CD. Different, clever, and fun to listen to. Mr. Hahn is a great DJ, and I’m very pleased that they decided to put this track on the CD. It’s nice rest from all the powerful songs.12. Pushing Me Away 8/10 – Wonderful song! I’m a little disappointed that they put it on the end of the CD, because by the time I get to it I’m a little worn out. But it’s still excellent. Great lyrics, and beautiful music!I recommend this CD to everyone who wants a fabulous break from the songs that are nothing but screaming, swearing, and all the [stuff] that popular music these days are. Linkin Park is a truly great new addition to the music world. Their concerts rock, too *smile*!

    Posted on November 29, 2009