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Hybrid Theory

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  • If you’re pondering whether to get this or Chocolate Starfish, I suggest you check this out before you purchase that one. This is a better album, in my opinion, and they don’t use the “F” word nearly as many times as Fred Durst does (I don’t think any band uses the F word as many times). Actually, I don’t think I heard that word a single time on the whole disc. As far as the music goes, there’s a great balance between metal and hip-hop. That’s probably because Linkin Park has one thing Limp doesn’t: two singers. They didn’t let it get too much rap or too much metal, unlike Limp Bizkit, where it’s one way or the other. They’ve got an excellent DJ who shows his stuff off on the lone, but awesome, instrumental Cure For The Itch. One Step Closer is a great song, as is the opener Papercut. Other good ones are By Myself, Crawling, A Place For My Head, and With You. The one song I didn’t like is the current single, Points of Authority. I don’t think the lyrics were their best ones. This is one CD you’ll definately have to check out. I can’t wait for more.

    Posted on November 29, 2009