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  • System of a down has come a long way to this point. All of their career ambitions have come to this point. In my opinion, this is their most jolting and ambitious album (especially since its apart of a double album). It aims to please all of their fans. If your a fan of SOAD’s dark but lively humor you will enjoy tracks like “Vicinity of Obsenity” and “She’s Like Heroin”. If you favor their straight up thrash tracks you’ll be pleased by “U- FIg”, “Attack” and others. If you really dug their epic songs in the past like aerials, you’ll love “Holy Mountains” and “Soldier Side”. They also managed to throw something new into the mix. The song is called “Lonely Day”. It is a softcore ballad and doesnt sound anything like other SOAD songs. Suprisingly, in my opinion they pull it off. Alot of people may disagree with me on this but Daron stepped up to the plate and sung a great tune. Mind you this album has alot of Daron singing (Same as mezmerize) then any other SOAD album. I think Daron and Serj make great harmonys and give off a great vibe and contrast to eachother. As it comes to music on this album it is top notch. Daron and shavo work together perfectly and the drummer of SOAD, John Dolyman, work is also impressive. SOAD has definitly changed from their first album and that is a good thing. But have they changed for the better? I really think so. They get down more to real emotions and their songs are more comprehensive and easier to connect with. A good example of haunting truth of this album is Serj’s gentle cry on “Tentative” as he sings “Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?”. No massive rashy screaming. Just simple honest Rock. But dont let this fool you. On “U-FIG” The singing, or should I say yelling is very old school SOAD. You cant barely understand it but you still love it. “U-FIG” also demonstrates SOAD’s ability to complete slow down a song in the middle of a Heavy rock out. They’ve done it before in “Chic N Stu” off of “Steal this album!” and “Radio/Video” off of “Mezmerize”. In “U-Fig” a soulful fast pasted acoustic guitar comes in and completely takes you out of the songs vibe, then BANG! Serj comes right back and screams his head off again.
    Another song that really pushed it to the edge was “Holy Mountains”. This is the “epic” song of the album besides Soldier Side. The verse of this song creeps out your ears when Serjs tweaked a bit voice says “Can…you…feel..their haunting presents?” and his chorus Crys of “We’re Free!”. In all honest this song can give you goosebumps. Another haunting song is the majorly anticipated “Soldier Side”. First preluded on “Mezmerize” as a short intro to this massive double album. It really relates to the now issues of troops overseas. Not neccesarily the political view but the personal, emotional view of all the men and women who have had to leave thier families behind and go out on thier own, all alone. Emotional lyrics such as “Young men standing on the top of their own graves, wondering when jesus comes, are they gonna be saved?”. This is one of SOAD’s best songs of all time. It rightfully deserves this title. This should definitly be a single, and have a video made. A great message could come of this. It is a great way to close out the Mezmerize/Hypnotize double album. This is one of the best rock albums out there today. Its rare to find a band like SOAD that cand do so much with so little. Take advantage of this great album and get what you can from it. Get Mezmerize/Hypnotize and listen to them both. You’ll see what SOAD has to offer. Thank you, and Goodnight.

    Posted on March 3, 2010