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  • Hypocrisy, a Swedish Death Metal, have been around since the early nineties. The album Hypocrisy is one of the best albums from a Death Metal band. Strangely the album is not a real Death Metal album. The only two songs that could be seen as Death Metal songs are “Apocalyptic Hybrid” and “Time Warp.” And although these two songs are great, they do not really fit on the album. The other 9 songs range from slow to mid-tempo paced songs. Every song is build around an excellent melodic riff. Compared to previous releases the clean vocals are much more used, but there are still screaming and grunting parts on the album. The album contains more atmospheric keyboards, but they always have a supportive role. I recommend people to listen to this album with headphones at night. Feel the apocalypse arriving.

    Posted on March 18, 2010