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I Get Wet

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  • I first heard Andrew WK when I saw him/them on Saturday Night Live. They were so loud, so obnoxious, so in-your-face, so juvenile, and so absolutely, unapologetically over the top that I was blown away. The CD is a winner; every song is great, which is not surprising given that it’s basically the same song repeated over and over. The style is fascinating; it’s basically a combination of punk rock, Phil-Spectorish walls of sound, and 80s arena rock played at ear-splitting volumes. It sounds like there’s about twenty guitars pounding out the same three chords at the same time, and as if that’s not enough, there’s heavy keyboards layered over every track, also pounding out the same three chords. Lyrically, it’s pretty simplistic; I don’t think any band since AC/DC has so unabashedly celebrated the delights of procreation, pugilism, and partying like this band. The music is simplistic too; in fact, it’s so simplistic it makes Motorhead sound like chamber music. But none of that matters, because if this album doesn’t make you bang your head within a maximum of three seconds, you either hate rock and roll or you’re clinically dead. Five stars? Heck, I’d give this ten stars. Go out and buy the CD right now, and while you’re at it, pick up a case of beer. You’ll need it.

    Posted on January 31, 2010