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I Get Wet

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  • Seems like some critics are overthinking this recording, unable to decide if I GET WET is a sincere insincere statement or a simple, bombastic joke. With inane “lyrics” (if you can call them that) and simple, yet incredibly addictive, melodies, Andrew W.K. preaches the gospel of R-O-C-K in a furious thirty-minute sermon. With the command to “Party” explicitly delivered in three song titles (on one occasion “’til you puke”) and implicit in nearly every other, the listener may suspect that Andrew W.K.’s approach owes a little more to Spinal Tap than the Sex Pistols – but all in all it’s a damn close call.

    For once you begin to listen, adjusting the volume to its maximum, it takes one hell of a musical elitist to deny the power of I GET WET. By the time I had reached “Girls Own Love,” I had set the CD player to “Repeat” and headed to the fridge for some beer.

    A direct, dirty descendant of Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom’s 1990 release, And You?, which began with “The Party Starts Now” and tore through 27 minutes of primal fury, I GET WET is neither tongue in cheek nor is it a sly cultural statement. It is, instead, a glorious return to the pulsing id of rock and roll, stripped of pretensions and distilled to its purest elements: blood, sweat, and of course, puke.

    Posted on January 31, 2010