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I Get Wet

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  • If you are set in your ways about what metal bands SHOULD sound like, click other links to the bands you’ve already heard a million times before. Do it NOW!Okay. Now for those of us who aren’t uptight about our music, and just wanna rock, laugh, party, dance, bang our heads, and shove our fists in the air, this CD is a MUST-HAVE!It would not be accurate to call Andrew W.K. a singer. He screams his lyrics, and that’s okay because he makes those vocal chords bleed for you. Starting with the first crunching guitar chords of “It’s Time To Party,” you know that this album is nothing cerebral, but that’s also okay! The point isn’t to solve the world’s problems. The point is to have a blast. Andrew doesn’t sing about politics, race, or religion. He sings about partying, girls, partying, girls, machismo, New York City, partying, and girls.Simple enough for ya? Good. Let’s move on.The songs are infectious anthems meant to get your blood boiling, your adrenaline pumping, and your body thrashing around. Andrew’s 3-minute masterpieces are rock’s perfect answer to the “Oh, Woe Is Me” rock of the last decade. It’s background music for having a great time, and Andrew W.K.’s album delivers it unapologetically.Do you wanna have a great time? Buy this CD.Do you wanna smile? Buy this CD.Do you wanna brood about how awful your life is? Buy this CD and feel better about yourself.Are there better albums? Of course. Are there smarter albums? Probably, but if this album doesn’t get you moving, check that pulse of yours. You may not be dead but you’re definitely BORING.

    Posted on February 1, 2010