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I Hear Black

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  • This album was about 5 bucks when I bought it, so I thought I couldn’t leave the store without getting it.’I Hear Black’ was often criticized for being too “grungy” or not Thrash enough. Though I understand people saying that, I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad thing. The desperate Heavy Metal of ‘World Of Hurt’ and the ultra heavy blues of ‘Spiritual Void’ still are on the OverKill-set today, but the album has other great songs, take ‘Dreaming In Columbian’ or the sensitive ‘Shades Of Grey’ for instance.For the Thrash fans there still are songs like ‘Weight Of The World’, ‘Just Like You’ or the Sabbath-like ‘Ignorance And Innocence’ (which are all at the end of the album).’I Hear Black’ is maybe not what many fans expected from it, but it’s the most varied album they released.

    Posted on December 18, 2009