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I Want Out: Live

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  • I bought this in like Spring of 1989 and it was recorded in late 1988. When I bought it, I was going to go see them in like two weeks on the Headbanger’s Ball tour with Exodus and Anthrax. I thought it was a good cd, I wish it could have been longer. Then two weeks later, I saw them and they played the same exact set in the same order with Michael Kiske doing some of the same introductions. My fault for buying it before I saw them, but now it is kind of like a souvenir from the show because it is very similiar to when I saw them in 89. A good cd and the last testement to that sound for Helloween as that would soon change and it was also the last release with Kai Hansen as he quit in the middle of the tour. Roland Grapow had replaced him by the time I saw them and I was shocked because I did not know ahead of time and I wondered about the future of the band because Kai had done so much of the writing.

    Posted on March 8, 2010