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I Want Out: Live

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  • Helloween at their best! I get the chills whenever I listen to this concert, every band member gives his soul for this live. This is without dought Helloween’s best concert ever recorded.

    This concert was recorded in late 1988 in Scotland, when Helloween were at the peak of their career and is the last recording featuring legendary guitarist and songwriter Kai Hansen . From the first song to the last, the band plays almost flawlessly with a lot of energy and emotion.

    The highlights of this album are “Dr. Stein” (unbelievable performance), “We Go The Right” (outstanding!), the extended “Future World” and “How Many Tears”.

    Vocalist Michael Kiske is the star of the night! Throughout the whole concert his voice reaches to the heavens, hitting high-pitched notes with such precision and emotion never heard before by any other singer in metal. Especially his performance in the track “We Got The Right” is breathtaking; the song shows the depth, power, emotion and charisma of the vocals this 19 year old (back in 1988) possessed!

    As for the guitarists, both Hansen and Weikath are incredible, great solos and wonderful execution of twin-guitar leads.The last track of the album “How Many Tears” was a perfect selection to close the concert. A really fast track with a very slow, wonderfully played harmonic part in the middle and a melodic and fast ending, which makes drummer Igno stand out (this version of the song is considered a masterpiece amongst Helloween fans).

    The only drawback of the album is the set list which leaves out epics like Eagle Fly Free, March Of Time, Twilight Of The Gods and Halloween. That being said, there isn’t a filler or weak-played song in this album and the interaction of Michael Kiske with the crowd is quite interesting.

    If you enjoyed “Keeper of the seven keys part I & II” you will LOVE this album, as it is the only official live recording with this line up. Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I & II together with this live album are the best material ever recorded by Helloween!

    If you liked the Keepers, this is a MUST BUY, if you enjoy live albums in general this is again a must buy.

    Posted on March 8, 2010