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I Want Out: Live

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  • This live album from Helloween was recorded in November 1988 when Michael Kiske was singing with the band. Helloween is a cool German band that plays hard rock with a melodic and metallic touch. The tracks come from three different albums–Walls of Jericho, Keeper of the Seven Keys-Part I, and Keeper of the Seven Keys-Part II. I find I Want Out-Live to be an enjoyable and energetic live album. I’ve had this disc for many years. All of the tracks were recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland except for “I Want Out.” “I Want Out” was recorded in Manchester, England. There’s a total of six tracks. The musicianship is tight, and Michael Kiske does a good job with the vocals. The album’s production is also satisfying. My favorite tracks are “Future World” and “I Want Out.” The album is just over forty-two minutes in length. I’m surprised that more songs weren’t included on I Want Out-Live. It would have been nice if “Halloween” and “March of Time” had been included. The banter between one of the members of Helloween and the audience is also cool and enjoyable throughout. There are no individual bandmember solos. The CD booklet contains a few tour photos of the band. Anybody that likes Helloween should enjoy I Want Out-Live. It’s cool and worth a listen.

    Posted on March 8, 2010