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  • with one caveat – if you haven’t liked Meshuggah in the past then you won’t now.

    On the other hand, if you do, especially post DEI Meshuggah, then you will like this. It is just awesome. That is not to say it isn’t flawed, it is. It can get repetitive, but you can tell they are really trying to do something new. It is like someone took Echoes by Pink Floyd, but retracked it in hell with a bunch of dump trucks playing the instruments (If this sounds like it would be awful, see the caveat at the beginning.) It is thick, and hard to wrap your head around as a concept. That is not to say it is pretentiously complicated or dense; it is just long, dischoradant, and difficult to take in as one piece. This is precisely what makes it Meshuggah. Thick as a heat wave in a Louisiana Bayou, but absolutely all over the place. I enjoyed it quite a bit and thought it was much better than Nothing.

    My only response to some of the one star reviews is for people to be leary of reviewers who seem to only enjoy telling you what they hate. I’ve noticed some of the one stars here only rate things they give one star for 95% of there reviews. I tend to think this means they are just joy kills.

    If you enjoy lurking the very murky backwaters of Meshuggah’s more recent albums, but miss some of the thrash influence they had, check this out. Give it a couple of tries so you will get to know it, and I am pretty sure you will find it a fun peice of music to pop in and drift off too.

    Posted on November 16, 2009