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If You Want Blood You've Got It

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  • This is a great album! One of the best live albums i’ve ever heard from any classic rock bands! The CD starts out with a raving audience cheering, and you can tell when Angus comes out. Then you hear the intro played by Angus to “Riff Raff”, and Bon is really at his best in this concert!! He screams his lungs out with raw hysteria, its great!! The song moves onto the great “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be”, followed by one of the best songs off of Let There Be Rock, “Bad Boy Boogie”, and this version really gets in your face! “The Jack” comes next, with the original live version of lyrics(which are so much better). “Problem Child” where Bon screams his best here as well. “Whole Lotta Rosie”, another favorite, and you can really feel Bon’s voice going through your ears and shaking your brain! And the rampaging crowd chants “Angus, Angus” during the beginning riffs, its just great! Then onto some classic rock and roll tunes, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” and “High Voltage”, where Bon get the crowd to chant “HIGH”, and wait’ll Bon chants it the 4th time around(get your ears ready). “Let There Be Rock” the most powerful song on the album, where Angus and Malcolm blast their guitars and push their Marshall amps to the limit. The CD closes out with the classic “Rocker”. Bon really puts his heart and soul into singing here, i’ve never heard him sing better than on this album. If you want blood…You got it, right on this album.

    Posted on February 2, 2010