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  • Let’s be honest here…

    As a long time M.S.I. fan, this is their first album that gives me an uneasy feeling. The older albums had a lot of lyrics that were inside jokes within the band and wouldn’t make sense to your average listener (e.g. Planet of the Apes), which was actually very random and entertaining. Now, these songs seem to be easy to understand and made for the new young generation of M.S.I. fans. I think M.S.I. has forgotten that many of their fans from the Tight and F.G.W.S.S.S. era are now nearly 10 years older.

    I think one of the fun things with the old albums was slowly figuring out what Jimmy Urine’s lyrics were. Now, apparently somebody came up with the idea for him to make a good portion of his lyrics very easy to understand. (which turns out to be a bad thing) Also, there are some very obvious attempts at songs that are made with the hopes that the younger fans will eat it up. Jimmy Urine is probably around his mid/late-30s. I wish he wouldn’t feel the need to make music that caters to 16-18 year olds. The original thing M.S.I. would do at their shows is try to piss off people, but now they are trying to satisfy them.

    Don’t get me wrong there are some elements of old MSI in here and there are many good songs. However, I’m not used to them having more than 1 bad song on an album, but there is a disgusting run of horrid songs on this CD (especially from track 4 until track 6) that are just the worst songs M.S.I. have ever made. Urine’s production has improved, but his lyrics and his delivery of them have suffered greatly. Production = up Lyrics = down Delivery = down

    As one of the other reviewers said..I also noticed the over-abundance of hand-claps..which probably have hopes to be used during the live set with the fans. I don’t want to see MSI go out with a whimper. I don’t want them leaving the music world on this note. I would have been happy with them leaving the industry on the last album, especially if this is what was going to follow. I hope they take a good turn and stop trying to satisfy the little kids at the shows and satisfy themselves (not meaning their pocket-book). This is Mindless Self Indulgence….not Mindless Teenage Fan Indulgence.

    I rate this a 3.5, but I won’t round up because you have the kiddies who just throw 5s out there without a real review. This is still way better than your average CD coming out lately.

    Quick rundown of my opinion of the tracklist:

    1.) Never Wanted to Dance – This is actually a pretty good song. Decent chorus.

    2.) Evening Wear – The chorus is the what saves this song.

    3.) Lights Out – Nothing really wrong with this.

    4.) Prescription – Like Adam Cooley said on his review..this song is just horrid. The lyrics are not something that should be written by an intelligent grown man (which Urine is)

    5.) Issues – Another song that will probably appeal the young immature kids, but should not have been written and released by a human being with dignity.

    6.) Get it Up – Another immature horrible song. The type of lyrics that will appeal to juggalos probably. Not to say MSI is mature, but even on the old albums when they were writing fun songs, they weren’t so obviously stupid. There was actually some wittiness behind it.

    7.) Revenge – This is M.S.I. This is why we love them. His best delivery on the entire album.

    8.) Animal – A very good song. Great delivery…great fun lyrics.

    9.) Mastermind – This is such an obvious attempt at making an accessible song. Sadly, it’s one of the worst songs MSI have ever made. The music itself is pretty good, but the lyrics and delivery are cringe worthy.

    10.) On It – decent song.

    11.) Pay For It – Pretty good song as well

    12.) Due – Very good catchy song.

    13.) Money – Pretty amusing song..the lyrics are pretty entertaining..especially if you’ve seen Swingers.

    14.) Bomb this Track – Jimmy doin’ his rap thang….not bad.

    15.) Mark David Chapman – Another good song.

    Posted on February 11, 2010