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  • This is easily amongst the worst albums I’ve ever heard in my life. I’ve been an MSI fan since Tight came out and I’ve noticed a sharp decline in quality from release to release, though each album was still held together by enough strong and interesting qualities (as opposed to being held together by strong songwriting — but I’ll get to that in a second). MSI have always been about being fast, frenetic, and ridiculous and combining it into little one and a half-minute to two-minute bursts of offensiveness. However, they’ve start to lose their edge as they’ve grown to “mature” and to be taken seriously (though why they’d want to be taken seriously by the same Hot Topic crowd they had previously made fun of on past albums, I’ll never know). And this album proves that they never knew how to write a song to begin with.

    On past albums, the songs were quick, catchy, and to the point, so your mind never had time to wander, because the songs never did. However, as they’ve bumped the track times up to 3 minutes, you’ll be hit with boring repetition of obnoxious verses and unclever rhymes. MSI apparently doesn’t even care about being offensive anymore, which is a nice change of pace, though the vague political and drug rants on here are tired and not in the least bit interesting. The production is lazier than usual, and the vocals are just awful — again, Little Jimmy’s crazy performance in the short ADD-inspired tracks of before was fine, but here he has to actually attempt to “sing” a bit, and the results are terrible. Add to the fact that his voice is mixed louder than any of the instruments, and you’ve got trouble.

    Sadly, this is just a really long and boring album with only a few okay tracks: “Bomb This Track”, “Revenge”, and “Animal” are all decent, though oddly they are all the oldest tracks on here. Coincedence? I think not: The older MSI gets, the more they want to create “mature” and “refined” music, and they’ve lost what made them special to begin with. I’m all about musical growth, and I think You’ll Rebel to Anything was mostly in the right direction — this direction, however, is just a parody of what MSI used to stand for. Just an embarassment.

    Posted on February 11, 2010