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  • If your into Maylene, this album is another hit from the band. The first album was great, the second was awesome, and the third is just as great. They still have the same sound pretty much in most songs, but some are a bit different which are great. Some having Dallas singing like he used to for Underoath instead of all the yelling which is cool. Just a shock was the first song that was leaked and it is great. My favorite songs have to be “Last Train Coming” and “Step Up” and “Listen Close”….Listen Close is the one where you can actually hear him more clearly than his other lyrics. It is nothing short of amazing. Last Train Coming has a very cool chorus and the classic Maylene verses. Step Up has Dallas singing with a different tone which is very cool. If you liked The first and second albums, definately get this album, you won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on March 16, 2010