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I'm the Man

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  • I’m the Man was my first exposure to Anthrax. The band’s extremely juvenile rap-metal hybrid was naturally a huge hit with me and my middle school metal buddies. Of course we also thought the Beastie Boys’ “Fight for Your Right to Party” was genius, which ought to tell you something. As goofy as it was though, looking back you have to admire Anthrax’s embrace of the decade’s other rising musical movement. This would lead to the band’s groundbreaking collaboration with Public Enemy and had a lot to do with the emergence of the rap-metal genre. I’m not suggesting that we owe Anthrax a debt of gratitude for inflicting Limp Bizkit on the world, but the band definitely deserves credit for defying expectations and trying something new.

    20 years later, I’m the Man is every bit as goofy as it was back in the day, and I’m still not sure we really needed 3 different versions of the song, but there is still a very good reason to pick up this EP. In addition to the various takes on I’m the Man; this EP features two live tracks and an absolutely fantastic cover of the Black Sabbath classic Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. That song alone is well worth the price of the disc (especially if pick it up used like I did). Unless I’m in a particularly nostalgic mood, I usually skip right to this song and hit repeat.

    Bottom line – If you’re an Anthrax fan you need to own this disc. It will probably linger unheard on your shelf for great lengths of time, but it is still an important piece of Anthrax history.

    Posted on December 7, 2009