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  • Overkill have been one of my favorite bands for many years with Horrorscope and WFO being my favorite albums to date. After these they kept cranking out pretty good quality thrash with a few exceptions, well this is another one of those exceptions. Overkill have went through many guitar players through the years, my favorites have always been Rob Cannivino and Merrit Gant, S Marino and Joe Cameau were also very good but took the band in a less thrash more slowed down sabbath type metal, which some people liked and some didnt. I myself prefer there earlier work. So now with Immortalis which isnt one of the best names i’ve heard for a record they do more of the same that they have the last few albums. The main problem “AGAIN” is with guitarist Dave Lynsk who i consider to be about one of the worst guitar players in metal right now. He has almost no style, his riffs are as bland as cake with no icing and he always puts his guitar sound so out front that it takes away from the rest of the band. Killbox 13 is definately the best work with him, but his solos were still just ludicrous on that album. The other reason Immortalis just doesnt work is because since about 1997 or so Bobby Blitz has went with this new blues tinged type vocal delivery that is just getting old quick, list to Devils in the Mist, Necroshine, Thunderhead, just to name a few and you’ll see that they all have the same exact vibe. So you may say with all the slagging why? do i give it 3 stars, well its hard to totally dog Overkill because they do tend to stick out and stay to there roots when it comes to metal, it just seems that with like 17 albums under there belt that the ability for them to write good quality songs has just went out the window. Get rid of LYNSK and blitz growl evil, don’t sing like Stevie Ray Blitz. Some pluses are

    Devils in the Mist
    Skull and Bone
    Overkill V
    3 good songs 3 stars. Sorry boys.

    Posted on November 16, 2009