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Impact Is Imminent

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  • OK, firstly i don’t know why this album gets such a bad wrap, particularly by outsiders & supposed music critics who have no idea what they are talking about. To illustrate my point, if you go to the allmusic site, you’ll see that the reviewer says that it was a rushed album that was carelessly thrown together with painfully silly lyrics that sound like they were only an after thought. Well it sounds pretty damn awesome to me for rush job. Geez i wish every band could still pull off a rush job like this one nowadays, if it is in fact a rush job. And how could you not like lyrics like “we never knew we left the ground, like a warhead targetbound”. If you’re looking for depth then go read some philosophy books, this is a straight ahead thrash album, lyrical depth is not a requirement. What’s more is they go on to say that it’s just endless riff upon endless riff. Ahhh yeah, and….. isn’t that the general idea. The riffs in this album are catchy stomp riffs & really keep you interested. I hate albums full of songs with boring riffs that don’t grab or hold your interest or songs that only have a good riff halfway into the song that lasts about 10 seconds & then the song reverts back after the riff ends. The vocals sound just right & just like they have since Pleasures Of The Flesh. The guitar sound is perfect & how i like it to sound, not too low & bassy like that crap modern day metal guitar sound, but still heavy with plenty of crunch. The production is not perfect, but reasonably good. In fact i couldn’t really say a bad thing about this album. I personally found this to be the easiest Exodus album to get into, along with Pleasures Of The Flesh & i immediatly found myself liking this album from the word go. In my opinion the stand out tracks on this album are Impact Is Imminent & Thrash Under Pressure. As another reviewer on here stated, this is one of the last “true” speed/thrash albums. I happen to think 1989 to 1991 were some good years for thrash even though it wasn’t particularly the eye of the storm so to speak & thrash was dying at this point. Unfortunatly this album is currently out of print, but if you could get your hands on it & chose not to buy it, you seriously have rocks in your head if you consider yourself a serious thrash lover & Exodus fan. Highly recommended, buy or die.

    Posted on March 10, 2010