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  • Now, the Fu are a great bunch of lumbering fuzzy lowdown noisemakers, no doubt, but this isn’t their best album. Daredevil, their previous, was more fresh, exciting, and the songwriting was stronger. This one sounds a little down, a little slow in comparison. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some killer riffs here! I mean, this was my first Fu cd, and it got me hooked. But in retrospect, Daredevil is the best of the early Fu discs. For the later discs, after a couple guys left to form Nebula (be sure to check out To the Center, which is fantastic heavy psych metal groove), Fu stormed back with The Action is Go, which is not only a fantastic title, but possibly the best of their later cds. I’d get it before this one; Daredevil too. It’s a toss up to me which one of those two is better. They are distinctly different. King of the Road is also really good–that’d be the third one to pick up, though No One Rides for Free is cool, too (another early one), but they hadn’t found their sound yet. Still, it has “ojo rojo,” one of their absolute best songs: “She wanted nothing/And I delivered…” Oh yeah. (“ojo rojo” is also available on the early compilation cd.)

    Posted on January 29, 2010