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  • Ok, thanks, Rock n’roll can still be thrilling on XXI century.
    Here’s Fu Manchu.
    This album could be called In search of Tony Iommi or stuff like that. But that’s great, putting 70’s hard rock into something fresh, raw and garage fuzz.
    another great aspect is: You can put girls and cars on the cover of an album and do not seem like rubbish poser crap like Motley crue, Bon Jovi and so on.
    It’s a great option for those like me who can’t stand nĂ¼ metal bands or bubblegum hampty dampty punk bands, no to mention, those rappers that consider themselves genuine disciples of Al Capone or 2 Pac.
    There’s no much to think or say about it. The first riffs from Regal Begal makes you wanna bang your head. Fu Manchu made a landmark to stoner rock, and In Search of made them cult, and is quit sure they will never be like Queens of The Stone Age, that had developed a more accurated and “clean”, sound. But, once again this ain’t no negative aspect. Fu Manchu get all the credits for this ultra dynamic sound as you can check in: regal Begal, Asphalt Risin’ The Falcon has Landed (those echoes reminds me of Celtic Frost!!!)
    In fact, a good option for those about to rock down the highway.

    Posted on January 30, 2010