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  • Fu Manchu have really changed their style from album to album, and this one shows them exploring sludge metal, in the vein of White Zombie or Black Sabbath. They have some really cool edgy riffs in songs like Asphalt Risin’ or Regal Begal, or they can slow down a ton in songs like Neptune’s Convoy or The Falcon Has Landed. There are also still the same grooves from before, in songs like Redline, Cyclone Launch, and solid Hex. Every instrument is really produced coolly, especially the guitars and the bass, with extra fuzz, a great element. My fav songs here are Regal Begal, Redline, Supershooter, and Asphalt Risin’. Fu Manchu are amazing live, too, and really rock hard. If you’re into this, check out Blue Oyster Cult, or Nebula.

    Posted on January 30, 2010