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In Sorte Diaboli

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  • After just catching this Norwegian black metal five piece out on a memorable night of their current U.S. tour, I had to hear this CD for myself. Dimmu Borgir seems to have made a sizable following for themselves by playing a sub-genre, ’symphonic black metal’. Is there even such a term? I had young fans telling me before the show started that I was JUST going to love these guys. Well, I liked them enough to borrow a copy of the CD. I’ve rarely heard such intense playing, operatic vocals, sheer heaviness and powerful drumming as I’ve heard it combined here on ‘In Sorte Diaboli’. Some of the tracks I was most impressed with were “Serpentine Offering”, the freaking awesome “Fallen Arsis” (reminds of Celtic Frost), “Sinister Awakening” and the in-your-face “Foreshadowing Furnace”. Will appeal to fans of Gorgoroth, Emperor, Daath and Amon Amarth. A should-have.

    Posted on January 16, 2010