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In the Arms of Devastation

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  • While other Death Metal bands have stuck to formulaic gore lyrics and the same technical guitar sounds and growling, Kataklysm has managed to escape the cliche while continuing to produce heavy Death Metal that will satisfy any fan of the genre. Anyone who is a fan of At The Gates, Vader, or Morbid Angel will love this band. It will also appeal to fans of the heavier type of Melodic Death Metal (a.k.a. Dark Tranquillity, Nightrage, or Callenish Circle), as there are more melodic parts to this CD. Bottom line, this is band you must check out if you like any of these bands, and is worth a listen if you like any extreme heavy metal. These Canadians never seem to put out dissapointing releases, check out “Shadows and Dust” by them as well.

    Posted on December 22, 2009