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In the Arms of Devastation

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  • What do you get when you mix old-school thrash with European death metal? If you guessed “an album that every metalhead has heard a hundred times before,” then you were correct. Kataklysm’s eleventh record, “In the Arms of Devastation,” is in the running for the most boring album of 2006. It begins on a strong note: “Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)” is powered by a fast guitar lead, jackhammer drums, and monstrous vocals. Unfortunately, after that, the music’s novelty wears off rather quickly, and the album goes downhill. It doesn’t take the listener long to realize that everything about this disc (from the title to the blast beats to the screamed vocals) is generic. Granted, “ItAoD” sounds quite awesome when it’s fast, but when Kataklysm start slowing things down and recycling the riffs (as in “Crippled & Broken,” “It Turns To Rust,” “In Words Of Desperation,” and “The Road To Desperation”), the songs become downright tedious. To make matters worse, some of the songs (see “Let Them Burn”) just don’t go anywhere. “In the Arms of Devastation” may be super heavy, but it’s also as predictable as Trapt’s new single. If you’re new to this genre, you might find some enjoyment here; but if you want a metal album that’s the slightest bit interesting, look elsewhere.

    Posted on December 23, 2009