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In the Arms of God

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  • When I read one of the other reviewers comparing this to Lynard Skynard or the Allman Brothers I about fell off my chair and had to write. This isn’t at all like their previous southern-rock tinged efforts. I think the reviewer had pre-concieved notions about COC. There is no way he could have listened to this CD.
    One thing about this CD you should know is that it is so complex, so brilliant, and so HUGE, that you can’t get it in one listen. If you pop it in and expect instant delivery, you won’t get it. You have to let it grow on you. Once it does you will start picking up on all the obscure small parts that make this such an epic CD. Listen to it 4-5 times and then I challenge you to say it isn’t any good.
    Simply put, this is one of the greatest metal/hard rock CD’s I’ve ever heard (and at 42 yrs old I’ve heard thousands of them)
    It starts off with “Stone Breakers” which contains a brilliant guitar riff around which they wrap the song, a song laden with tempo changes. It kicks major ass. The song is lengthy and leads into another long track ” Paranoid Opioid” which has it’s own killer riff, but what really grabs you are the drums. This new guy is off the charts on the drums, and they work in harmony with the riffs, tempo changes, savage heart-felt vocals, and clever lyrics to create a masterpiece.
    My favorite song is “Rise River Rise”, a slow mover with mesmerising guitars, both acoustic and electric. The vocals are haunting. I also love “Backslider” with it’s memorable chorus, you just can’t shake it. The title track, which is the last song thrashes with an anger not recently seen. Brilliant and raw. Another great song with it’s driving bass and Pepper’s awesome voice is “Dirty Hands, Empty Pockets” Every song is good, most are great.
    This is not “America’s Volume Dealer”. That CD had good songs, but was far from a classic. This CD has intense and thoughtful lyrics that make you think. It is a bold commentary on America today. For those who only listen to the rhythm or the guitar, or the voice, this CD won’t grab you. For those intelligent enough to understand what the band is trying to say you will appreciate it. This is one incredible CD and you should buy it. Listen to it three times in a row and you will be forever hooked.

    Posted on November 16, 2009