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In the Nightside Eclipse

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  • Emperor created a winner with this opus of black metal majesty. They created a sound and an atmosphere entirely their own and managed to use keyboard melodies without sounding cheesy throughout the entire album. This alone is worth mention since many bands go the keyboard route and it goes from evil to goth pop hilarity in a heartbeat.

    Emperor create a dark and wild pagan soundscape and do it in such a way that the music sucks you in from the intro to the end of the album. Despite the poor production this is the most sweeping and epic Black Metal album ever recorded and captures the essence of what the scene was trying to communicate to people. It speaks of desolate Northern forests, wolves, moonscapes, evil and the vast emptiness and wildness of nature and does it in a truly majestic way. Even after all these years I can listen to this and get sucked into the music. Anyone who says there is no musical talent in metal hasn’t heard this, and if you can’t get beyond the production you probably shouldn’t be listening to black metal anyway. The production adds to the atmosphere in ways that have to be heard to be believed. If you’re new to black metal this is a mandatory album to listen to. As good as it ever got, end of story.

    Posted on December 23, 2009