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In the Shadows

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  • The title of my review sums it up quite adequately. Let me please explain.I’d like to begin by saying that I am not a big KD or MF fan, but this album is nothing short of pure metal genius.The song writing is incredibly original, and the guitar lines are some of the best MELODIC, yet dark, grinding passages I have ever heard. This is another one of the more rare albums in which every single song is equally excellent. The only song I didn’t like as much was ‘Return of the Vampire’. However, songs like ‘The Old Oak Tree’…”blood to the ground, blood to the roots…ahhhhhh” and 13 Invitations (sent out through the night promising eternal life), and the Bell Witch with it’s haunting “I am a million years, I am the BELL WITCH!” lyrics are bone chilling.As the title proclaims ‘Favorite Halloween Album’, this recording gets played every Halloween in my household, and its blasted out the front of my house to greet the little goblins in search of candy and treats. It always puts me in proper spirit for that divine Pagan holiday with its dark story telling and wonderfully intoxicating music.Metal guitar players and listeners will undoubtedly appreciate the guitar work, as it’s first class and positively professional in every sense of the word. KD vocal freaks will agree; its KD all the way!By far one of my all time metal favorites in my collection.PR

    Posted on January 7, 2010