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In the Shadows

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  • Am I dreaming?Mercyful Fate back together?This reunion effort doesn’t just feature one or two original members,try four.Guitarists Hank Sherman and Michael Denner are here as so is bassist Timi Hansen and on drums is new recruit Snowy Shaw.Performing all the vocals on this CD is none other than that diabolical crooner from the 27th level of hell,a favorite of yours and mine King Diamond(still have eerie flashbacks about the time I saw his solo tour umteen years ago).’In The Shadows’ isn’t half bad,but nonetheless it is HEAVY!!It’s almost as intense as the band’s 1984’s ‘Don’t Break The Oath’ lp.I see the video for the track “Egypt” once in a while on Headbanger’s Ball.Other decent rockers are “Shadows”,”Thirteen Invitations”, and the ass-kicking “Legend Of The Headless Rider”.If you’re a fan of the Fate,you shouldn’t pass this title up.I’ll give it a 3 1/2 star rating.

    Posted on January 7, 2010