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In the Wake of Determination

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  • I bought this cd the first day it came out, and i’ve been anticipating it ever since they announced it. I loved Page Avenue and it was an amazing cd but when you look at their talent you could tell they had to release a cd that was more calm as a debut, not to mention that Feldman their producer kept them from getting too metal. This cd is full of heavy riffs and awesome guitar solos, it has an 80’s feel with a much better attitude to it. Not so much about dying and such it’s more of F-You this is what we like and if you don’t like it cool but we are playing what we love. They show off their talents. Ryan can shred some guitar riffs and Phil has way more presence vocally which enhances Dan’s with mix of his heavy screams and Phil’s higher pitched voice. I will admit a few songs don’t have the energy the rest do but songs 1-7 are striaght up solid and “Is This My Fate?” He Asked Them is one of the most rocking songs I’ve ever heard. I know a lot of people are sayin this cd isn’t so great but when you look at what they had to do with Page Avenue and what they were able to do with this one they actually get to express what kind of band they are instead of just putting out a product because their record label makes em sounds a certain way. This cd is full of energy and I know i’m gonna be rockin out to it for a long time.

    Posted on February 9, 2010