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In the Wake of Determination

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  • Story of the Year’s return with “In the Wake of Determination”, their sophomore album, showcases how the band has matured musically since the release of the emo-popular “Page Avenue”. However, they are changing stylistically as well, something many older fans such as myself may not enjoy. For example, in “Page Avenue” the screaming was limited, making it seem more meaningful when it was used. In the new album, screaming is overused, appearing in nearly every track, often regularly. I hate to see SOTY becoming a band that screams every other line; their former originality was a thing that set them apart.
    For another thing, the parental warning has gone from blaring “Explicit Content” (due to one incident in the enhanced material) to “Explicit Lyrics”. I was not one that expected SOTY to abstain from profanity altogether, though it would have been a pleasant surprise. Cussing is used in unmeaningful context, giving an impression of trying to “be cool” rather than an emotional outlet. For example, “Stereo, stereo, tired B***S***” and “You’re f****** weak”
    A little bit of the old SOTY can be detected in this album, as in the songs ‘Sleep’, ‘Wake Up the Voiceless’, and the untitled hidden track, but if you’re looking for something not far from “Page Avenue”, this isn’t it.

    Posted on February 9, 2010