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In the Wake of Determination

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  • Although I believe that there is a little bit of “buut-rock” on this album, the majority of it is great. They brought a ton of new energy to this album and made this one a lot harder than the last. I wasn’t anticipating this, but they have a lot of 80s metal influences in here. I’m not not really a fan of 80s metal, but they mixed it in very. They have some incredibly high harmonies on this album! I have no idea how Phil got that high (yes I said Phil, not Dan). You might also notice a number of sick solos in this album and a big difference as how the guitar is used in the overall sound. I would give this album only 4 stars, but I ended up giving it 5 because inside the CD booklet there is commentary by EACH band member on making EACH song. I thought that was awesome. Altogether, this is a sick album.

    Posted on February 10, 2010